Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing..

Videos are the most powerful marketing tool we have today. They not only boost retention rate but are also extremely useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using videos as a marketing tool instantly connects with your potential and existing customers. On the surface, video marketing looks pretty simple. As a company, create videos that promote your brand, talk about products or services, engage customers and drive sales. But on the ground, things are a little complicated. Like any other marketing technique, video marketing is also data driven that monitors customer engagement and tracks various metrics.

So how do you develop a Video Marketing Strategy that works?

Create and tell your stories

Everybody loves to listen stories. Create videos that has a story and a meaningful message to convey. Mull over different ideas, let your creative juices flow and the output will always be amazing.


No strategy will ever work if you doubt it in the first place. Allocate time and resources to create videos, invest in a decent video shooting equipment, subscribe to a good video editing software and hire a video marketing expert.  That's it, you are all set to go.

Keep it short

In this fast paced world, holding audiences' attention is extremely difficult. You only have 10 seconds before the viewer decides to skip to another video. So make it short and present the most interesting part of your video in first few seconds. 


With more than 300 hrs of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute, staying relevant is extremely important. The more the frequency of your videos is the better it is for search optimization.


Keep a track of view engagement and monitor metrics to understand what works best your organisation.